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Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot has been around since the late 1980s in the USA and in recent years there have been a number of suspected and confirmed cases throughout the UK.
Dogs affected by the disease will suffer from kidney failure and/or skin lesions. Typically the skin lesions are below the knee or elbow, they may present as a swelling, a patch of red skin or a defect in the skin (like an ulcer). Affected dogs will develop clinical signs of kidney failure within 2 - 7 days, symptoms of kidney failure can include vomiting, reduced appetite and tiredness.
The cause of the disease remains unknown, however reported cases have come from people who have walked their dogs in woodland, it does not seem to pass from dog to dog and it is important to remember that only a very small number of dogs have been affected.
If you are concerned about your dog please contact the surgery. Early recognition is key in leading to the best outcome.

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