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Chesney's Story


Chesney was brought to us as a stray, and had been the victim of a dog attack. He had several wounds and he was in a state of shock, emergency treatment was necessary.

We provided Chesney with pain relief and treated him for shock, a condition which can be fatal, it was vital he was kept warm and hydrated. We could not investigate the extent of Chesney’s injuries until he was stabilised, only time could determine this.

Luckily Chesney’s owners were found, who were able to give the go ahead to carry out diagnostic tests and treat him accordingly. It was evident he had suffered massive injuries to his head so it was vital we x-rayed him to be able to treat him further. Had Chesney’s owners not been found we would have had limited funding and treatment would have been restricted.

He reacted well to the shock treatment, he became more responsive and his vital signs improved! It was now safe to carry out x-rays, which revealed he had suffered multiple fractures to his jaw. Given that he was insured, reconstructive surgery was the best course of action. 

After surgery, a feeding tube was placed to enable the healing process. He took well to this and after a couple of days he began to eat soft food by himself, Chesney had turned a corner! He was now full of beans, desperate for attention and had frequent walks around the ward, flirting with all the nurses. Satisfied he could eat and drink unaided we sent Chesney home, and is now recovering with his family.  



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