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Daisy's Story


One year old Cockerpoo Daisy had just come into season and wasn't quite feeling herself the evening of 16th November. Her owner opened the front door to leave with her children, when Daisy dashed out, heading for another dog on the other side of the road and bolting head first into an oncoming vehicle, causing a Road Traffic Accident.

She arrived at the vets just before closing time. She was examined immediately and emergency treatment for shock was started; intravenous fluids, pain relief, blood screening, and maintaining body temperature. Once she had been stabilised, full body survey Xrays where performed revealing serious injury - her pelvis was badly fractured. Further tests were also carried out in the area to make sure her bladder and intestines were intact after the impact.

The next day Dr Fraser assessed the pelvis, it was so bad Daisy's owner was offered referral but they chose to remain with us. Dr Fraser performed "one of the most complicated surgeries" he has ever performed, but in just under two hours she was awake and he was very pleased with how it went.

Daisy returned home after five days hospitalisation, here she must remain on cage rest until her check up with the vet in one week. She has started weight bearing on her hind limbs and has taken her first few steps in the last few days.

Throughout the whole case Daisy remained calm and relaxed making her a pleasure to nurse, helping to keep her family's spirits up back at home. As you can see below, her owners little children sent her a get well soon card.