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  • In-house Laboratory

    In-house Laboratory

    Our well developed in house laboratory allows us to perform various test such as:

    Biochemistry, Haematology, Urine analysis, Dermatology analysis, Canine specific disease testing, Feline specific disease testing, Microscopy, Cytology.

    We also have access to an external laboratory to send off additional tests required by our veterinary surgeons.

  • Dental Suite

    Dental Suite

    Our Dental suite includes a Midmark Vetpro 1000 dental delivery unit.

    This enables us to perform thorough dental cleaning with polishing as well as the most sophisticated tooth extractions. Our drill, tooth sectioning hand-piece allows us to carefully cut and removed the most infected tooth.

    Our compressed air/water flush hand-piece as well as the fibre-optic light on our drill ensures that we have a clean and visible area to work on which allows us to do the best possible job when it comes to the specialised procedure of tooth extractions. 

  • Diagnostic Imaging

    Diagnostic Imaging

    The imaging suites house our digital x-ray and ultrasonography equipment.
    This is a safe and spacious area for patients. Our padded cardio-ultrasound bed provides comfort for our patients whilst the veterinary surgeons gain vision of the heart.
    Our x-ray machine processes high quality x-rays within minutes reducing stress for our patients.


  • Endoscopy


    Hopefully preventing the need for exploratory surgery, endoscopy can give us a look directly into patients to aid diagnosis. The camera is inserted through a natural opening in the patients body.
    The endoscope camera attaches to a screen allowing us to view many structures without the need for a surgical incision.

  • ICU Suite

    ICU Suite

    Our intensive care units are designed to give your pet the best chance possible should they become critically ill. The ICU compromises of specialist kennels, incubators, oxygen therapy units, auxiliary fluid therapy equipment and a team of experienced staff providing advanced care and close monitoring.

  • Operating Suite

    Operating Suite

    Our modern operating suites are clean, spacious and minimalist, providing our surgeons and your pets, the best facilities. Sterility is practised in all types of surgery.

  • Wards


    We have purpose built, separate wards for dogs, cats and infectious patients. Our cat ward is warm and quiet to help reduce stress when patients are recovering. Each patient is provided with a deep padded veterinary bed allowing your pet to stay clean, dry and comfy.

    We cater for all sized dogs and our walk in kennel allows dogs to stretch and move around. Our isolation unit is kept separate from other kennels so that strict barrier nursing can be practiced.

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